In the Life

I hear your cries within my dreams
You emanate white moonlight beams.
Your weeping echoes drown the day
Enough to wake the buds of May.

I’m certain that the waves will break.
I’m certain that the sun will wake.
A distant ship smokes from afar
It points toward the evening star.

Your songs cut through my soul with ease
Like church bells on the distant breeze.
I feel your rays of golden light
Engulf my eyes and blind my sight.

Don’t feel you must unveil your guise
But sense the sadness in my eyes.
Since long ago I held your hand
We strolled along the silky sands.

Do you yearn for such desire?
I miss the kiss that sparked the fire.
A fire that blazed through wind and rain
Yet dwindled like a life in vain.

The time is right to say goodbye
And don’t pretend to question why.
For any star that shines too bright
Must slowly fade into the night.


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